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What is my IP address?

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Every device connected to the Internet is identified by an IP address. If you connect to the internet using a wired or wireless router at home or at work, the address assigned to your computer inside that network will be different than the address that is seen by the sites you visit.

Other computers will see the address which was assigned to your router by your ISP. You can normally find out what this address is by logging on to the administration interface of the router except there are times when you do not have administrative access to the router and you need to figure out the external address.

When you visit this page, my web server prints out the address from which your request originates. This is, of course, just a guess because it is trivial to make a web server think that a request is coming from a different address (this is called IP spoofing), but for most benign purposes, the address you see printed here will correspond to the IP address through which your computer communicates with the outside world.

The IP address you see here may also not match your real IP address due to any proxies or content distribution networks that might have handled your request along the way.

Any DNS names and/or aliases associated with that IP address will also be shown on this page if my server can discover them.